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Schedule a Clairvoyant Reading

Charmaine is currently providing Photograph Readings over the phone.

Simply upload your photographs and make an appointment to call Charmaine and have a Reading from the comfort of your own home.

To make an appointment Call Charmaine : 0422 311 688

Business Hours are Saturday to Tuesday. 9am -5pm. 

Upload a minimum of 5 photographs in the section provided.

Pictures of yourself and the people closest to you.

Label each photo with their connection to yourself, e.g. Mother, father, daughter Jane etc.

Charmaine relies on photographs for those who can't be present. The living and those that have crossed over.

Please note: The reading will cover as many photographs as time permits. 

Pay with PayPal.

Readings are $60.00 for a half hour session. All calls are made to a Sydney based land line. Standard call charges apply. Photographs and payment must be received prior to your appointment time.  

  • Photograph Upload

  • Photographs (preferably recent) of your immediate family, your partner (present &/or ex), parents, grandparents and pets will bring depth to your reading. Clear pictures of the face, no hats or sunglasses please.

  • Should be Empty:

Having trouble uploading? Send your photographs via email : [email protected]

Clairvoyant Phone Reading